Greetings all you kids


via DJB

Jim Koch (RIP)

Welcome to WP’s newer oNLIZINEnet page, kind of dedicated, but in the

actual reasoning based on this blog’sintent is that of promotion. right now it is 3

3’s my friends attempt to spread the positive vibe reggae/ska brings along for a

newer start to or intent: intending on what? to spread awareness to what’s up; in

that world in which we live.

givethis to take the first step, blog, whatever you call it. there is a great many of another David web-stuff; the first having been the IUMA, Nina Hagen’s Electronic Shrine; the best things in a first sight solving the regretof: “almost getting there” we’re going way back to 1996+… but that was manymanywebsightsago… deja vu?

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